Praia do Rosa
pathway to the beach
28º07'23,2 latitude south
48º38'44,1 longitude west
Franca Whales 
The Franca Whale (Eubalaena australis) is one of the 11 species of big whales that exist in the world. They visit the Rosa beach from June to October for reproduction and feeding. They are seen a few metres from the shore with their calves.
You can appreciate this beautiful show from the balcony of our suites.
vista das suítes
Sede da Pousada
Hotel Inn
Praia do Rosa, Imbituba, SC, Brazil

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The Villa Agrifoglio, a house in colonial style, is found on the corner of the street that goes to the north of the shore, the most charming and agreeable place on the beach. It has the easiest access in the villa and it's far from traffic jams. A private pathway lined with old trees descends directly to the sea, without any need to cross any public streets.

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